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Modern home to modern wines, defending tradition

When we act, we act upon a plan. It was clear from the very beginning that if we want (and we do want!) to sustain in maintaining the permanent improvement of the wine quality, first exponential, and now linear, with the increase in production, we must reallocate. Original winery in a part of the production hall intended for other purposes remains only the memory of the moments when we were rising up to the wine heavenly heights. Our wines will now be created in a serious, modern facility, with the operational area of a thousand square meters. In the neighborhood of the Vila Obrenovic, the Janko Winery will, apart from the flawless functional characteristic, pioneer approach to energy resources management, also be a special jewel of the aesthetic experience of Smederevo. Our wines, awarded around the world at the most prestigious competitions, will be created and will ripen on the site from which you irrevocably fall in love with the view of the Danube river. Our winery with the production capacity of three hundred thousand bottles will give birth to some new wines...


Minimum quantity for order is 6 bottles (one pack). All prices include vat

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