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Rich past of tomorrow's future

When we first entered into the wine business, we did it by planting the grapes on a total of 3.5ha. Today, we own four times more land, i.e. 14ha. Our vineyards are in two locations – Zlatno Brdo and Seskovac (Ralja). Carefully cultivated grapes of these two locations probably represent the best the entire region of Smederevo and there is no doubt about it. All the grace of the primarily fruit and winemaking countryside, devastated by uncontrolled, planned industry of the 20th century, can be found in our wines. We are especially proud of the fact that only in our vineyard on Zlatno Brdo, serious Prokupac clone selection is conducted - variety people here are proud of, but also irresponsible to. The Janko Winery, by planting 16 different clones out of 43 isolated so far, and to the in a way invests into the future. Not only personal but the one of the common good. The symbolism of stepping out of sheer viticulture in this historic location (Mons Aureus) is more than obvious. We are investing in a golden future of Serbian wines...


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